Fun Things To Do in Vegas this 2023

It appears that Las Vegas is always evolving. Except for the summer heat, which is always intense, what’s popular one year may not be the following. One of the most popular things to do in Vegas is to relax in a beautiful pool, but you should also check out the off-Strip attractions. After checking off some of the amazing restaurants and unforgettable shows on this list, you’ll definitely want to plan another trip to Las Vegas. Going to the casinos is a must if you’re visiting Las Vegas. If you’re a fan of gambling, you can play casino games anytime, anywhere at


Experience A Lost Piece Of History

If you’re interested in the Titanic, you should know that the best museum dedicated to the ship is located in the Luxor. Yep! More than 25 million people have visited these displays, learning about the Titanic’s lost passengers and appreciating a small part of this irreplaceable historical artifact. In the museum, you can walk the decks and imagine what it was like on the ship before the terrible accident that befell it. One of the best things to do in Vegas, this museum with more than 25,000 artifacts will fascinate you, your friends, and even your children. You can see old implements, bells, whistles, clothing, tableware, utensils, pieces of the ship’s hull, and much more. It’s the kind of thing that leaves an indelible impression on your heart. Because of its high demand, reservations are strongly recommended.


Walk The Arts District

Take a stroll through the downtown Arts District after your ice cream treat to admire the striking murals that adorn nearly every building. The Arts District has earned the nickname “18b” because it spans across 18 blocks. Located in the heart of downtown, it is just a short distance from the Strip to the north. Wander aimlessly through local stores and museums of varying sizes and shapes. You can relax in a dive bar after perusing photographs, sketches, and clay ware. The Arts District throws a free monthly festival on the first Friday of every month, featuring local artists and musicians, as well as food and drink. If you happen to be in Las Vegas on First Friday, you should definitely stop by and take in the sights and sounds of the city. The beautiful murals that line the streets of this historic district are worth a visit even if you can’t make it to the event.


Indulge In A Tasty Treat At Lucy’s

Physical and mental overindulgence are central themes in Sin City. Don’t worry about your diet or sleep schedule while you’re out enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer. If you’re craving something sweet, stop by Lucy’s Waffles and Ice Cream. You can put whatever ice cream, fruit, nuts, or sweets you like on a freshly made waffle. They have a long history of being named Las Vegas’s best ice cream parlor. Lucy’s serves up classics like ice cream, milkshakes, and Belgian waffles in a relaxed, family-friendly setting. You can also get waffles for breakfast and put bacon, cheese, and syrup on them. Kids will love the cotton candy crusher milkshake, which features two cotton candy swirls on top. You can’t go wrong with snapping photos of yourself while indulging in some tasty ice cream.


Take A Drive To Death Valley

There is literally nowhere on Earth like Death Valley. It is, without a doubt, a life-changing ordeal. Death Valley has seen temperatures as high as 134 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the driest national park and has the country’s lowest elevation point. Then why even bother going there? because of the gorgeous sunsets, great trails, and varied topography. Included on this list of top Las Vegas activities because it’s a naturalist’s paradise. The journey to this national park from Las Vegas begins with an approximately two-hour drive. Day hikes, overnight camps, and multi-day backpacking trips are all possible within the park (with a permit). Driving off-road is illegal and harmful to the environment in the long run, so stick to the paved roads. In addition, bring plenty of water with you, as you will likely become dehydrated faster than usual. The best places to go are Zabriskie Point, Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes (especially beautiful at sunset), Racetrack Playa (to see the mysteriously shifting rocks), and Artists Palette. There are a variety of backroads to explore, and those interested in learning more about the filming locations of the “Star Wars” movies can join a “Star Wars” tour. Finally, don’t forget to schedule some stargazing time because the Milky Way is best seen at night.


Race Exotic Cars On The Motor Speedway

Want to get places quickly? In this respect, Vegas is adequate. Experience the thrill of racing in a variety of high-end, exotic cars on a regulated racetrack with Exotics Racing, available exclusively at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Exotics Racing has the largest collection of supercars anywhere, making it an obvious choice for Las Vegas. If you’re itching to get behind the wheel, you can pick from a wide variety of exotic and classic cars, including Lamborghinis, Porsches, Ferraris, McLarens, Audi R8s, Corvettes, Mustangs, and more. You can also choose to take a passenger seat in a vehicle of your choice, relax, and let someone else do the driving instead. Let the kids burn off some energy on the go-kart track while you show off your skills on the main track. Booking in advance is highly recommended if you plan on racing an exotic car in Las Vegas.


Chill At The Top-Rated Pool In Las Vegas

This is not your average swimming pool. No. Because it is Las Vegas, the pool is enormous and spectacular. The pool at Mandalay Bay covers 11 acres, making it large enough to get lost in. If you’re looking for a pool in Las Vegas with a sandy beach, this is one of the few options. And if that’s not cool enough for you, there’s a lazy river. Or a wave pool where you can float on gentle waves that hold 1.6 million gallons of water? The lagoon is another option for relaxation. Stop by Mandalay Beach to cool off and indulge in whatever catches your eye. The Pearl Moon Boutique in Mandalay has everything you need if you forgot to bring your swimsuit. When hunger strikes, hit up the Beach Bar & Grill for some tasty eats and refreshing drinks. If you rent a cabana or a bungalow, you can keep on relaxing all day because you can have food delivered right to your accommodations. Experiencing the pinnacle of opulence in Las Vegas is a must.


Be Thrilled By A One-Of-A-Kind Show In Vegas

Vegas being the entertainment capital of the West, they claim to have the best shows in the world. You won’t find performances like these on American Idol or on Broadway. These are first-rate shows that impress with their ingenuity and skill. One of the best shows in Las Vegas can be seen without spending $500. You can see any Cirque du Soleil show for less than $80. The Cirque du Soleil shows have consistently been voted the best in Las Vegas, with many years of “O,” “K,” “Mystère,” “The Beatles LOVE,” and “Michael Jackson ONE” in their lineups. Many other forms of entertainment are also available. Many music fans consider The Blue Man Group to be the best family show ever. Illusionists and magicians have made Las Vegas their permanent home for decades. Look at Matt Franco, David Copperfield, or Piff the Magic Dragon. Indeed, he has his very own program right here! One of the best things to do in Vegas is whatever you choose.


Hover Over The Hoover Dam

One of the greatest man-made structures in the United States is the Hoover Dam, which is located near Boulder City, Nevada. The view from the top of the dam, down toward the spillway, is breathtaking and impossible to capture in a photograph. Even though it’s not the tallest dam in the world, visiting the Hoover Dam is still a must if you’re in Las Vegas. Between Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam flows the mighty Colorado River, the source of water for many rivers and lakes in the southwestern United States. You can get to the dam by driving yourself or by signing up for a half- or full-day bus tour. If you’re looking for real excitement, though, we recommend a helicopter tour over the dam and Lake Mead, or even further down the Colorado River. Once you get to the Hoover Dam, there are a few different tours you can take: the power plant tour, the dam tour, or both. The cost of the dam tour, which takes in all three sites, is surprisingly low. Plan a trip to Hoover Dam and Boulder City.

Sip Cocktails Inside A Chandelier

Ready for more ludicrous excess in a Las Vegas hotel? Then you must stop by the Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan. There are three reasons why this should be your first Las Vegas priority. To begin, it’s a living work of art that sparkles and chimes all through the night. Second, there are three distinct seating areas in this lounge. Third, your Instagram photos will make your friends green with envy. The We’re All Mad Here and Finishing School cocktails, both of which were created by master mixologists, are worthy of the lounge’s opulent chandelier decor. The Cosmo’s food is excellent, but most visitors come to enjoy the hotel’s relaxing atmosphere after dinner. There are lots of chill vibes there that you won’t want to miss.

Take In The Wonder Of Fremont Street

The Strip is fantastic on its own, but Fremont Street is something entirely different. It’s a living, breathing thing with as much sensory stimulation as you can handle, including sights, sounds, performers, scents, tastes, and libations. Everything you could possibly need is right here. Slotzilla has a zipline that will take you high above the heads of pedestrians below. Live music is performed nightly at 6:00. Then, at the top of the hour between the hours of 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., stop and admire the breathtaking light show. The event will be broadcast on the world’s largest video screen, measuring in at 1,375 feet in length (Vegas, baby, Vegas). The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, the first hotel in downtown Las Vegas, can be found on Fremont Street, as can other fantastic hotels like Circa (with its 143-foot swimming pool sports screen) and the Downtown Grand. and illness? It’s the food, oh the food. Fremont Street has a wide variety of restaurants, from fast food joints to five-star establishments. You can try something truly unique at Evel Pie, Barry’s Downtown Prime, Whiskey Licker Up, or Le Thai. We promise that your first trip to Fremont Street will be one you’ll never forget.