How Artist Joshua Evans transitioned into curating Exhibitions

Joshua Evans’ artistic journey began as an outlet for expression. As he [@joshuniverse] gained recognition for his unique painting style, he soon found himself at the crossroads of wanting to share his art and the works of other talented artists. In a bold move, Joshua decided to transition from being solely an artist to taking on the role of a curator. 

His remarkable journey from creating art to curating shows is driven by a desire to foster a sense of community and provide a platform for emerging talents. In 2022, Joshua Evans founded a company called Mijoshski., a brand and business model that highlights his art, fashion, plus lifestyle products and also hosts opportunities for other individuals. Recognizing the challenges emerging artists face in gaining exposure, Joshua established curated exhibitions showcasing a diverse range of talents. 

Mijoshski. serves as a hub for Evans’ artistic endeavors, showcasing his paintings and the collaborative projects and curated exhibitions that define his role as a curator. These group shows provide a platform for artists to exhibit their work and encourages collaboration, networking, and a sense of camaraderie within the artistic community. By creating opportunities for fellow creatives and cultivating a sense of unity within the artistic realm, Joshua [] is enriching the local art scene and inspiring a new generation of talent to explore the boundless possibilities of their creative journeys.